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Unlock the secrets of
Vastu Shastra
for Balanced & Prosperous life

4 hours Vastu Shastra Online Workshop

Identify and correct Major Mistakes in your home/office/shop.
Designed for beginners, easy to understand

13, 14 January
(Sat & Sun)

10 AM - 12 PM

Live Class on

Language : Hindi

  • Workshop to be delivered by Vastu Expert 'Ummed Dugar Jain'.

  • Total 4 hours of learning ( 2 hours each day) followed by a live Q&A session

  • Beginner-friendly workshop, no pre-requisite.

  • Attend from the comfort of your home or anywhere with internet access.

  • Learn about core Vastu principles including Directions and Energy zones.

  • Learn Vastu Principles for the home including Bedroom, Kitchen, Toilet, Entrance, Stairs, etc. 

  • Learn to identify Major Vastu mistakes in your home that may be affecting your well-being.

  • Learn about sources of negative energy & and also how to increase positive energy flow in your house.

  • Learn about remedies you can do to common Vastu Mistakes.

Ummed Dugar Jain 

Vastu Expert and Consultant.

  • Gold Medallist Vastu Expert with 35+ Years of experience.

  • Author of 10+ Books on Vastu shastra and other occult sciences. | Best Selling Book "Vastu Nirman"

  • Consulted 3000+ Clients across globe for Homes, Shops, Factories, Industries, warehouses, Schools, Temples, etc. 

  •  Running YouTube channel "Vastu Simplified" with
    20 Million plus views and 280K subscribers.  

  • Awarded many titles and recognitions from various eminent personalities including the prestigious “Rajdhani Ratna Award”, “Samaj Gaurav”, “Jain Ratna”, “Jyotish Bhaskar” etc.

  • Addressed at various seminars, symposiums, and workshops globally talking about Vastu Shastra and its positive impact on people's lives. 

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Books Authored by Ummed Dugar Jain

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  • Are there any prerequisites to this workshop ?
    No , there are no pre requisites for this workshop. It is beginner friendly and anyone can join.
  • When is the workshop?
    Workshop will be on 17th December 2023 from 6 PM onwards.
  • Will this be live or pre recorded workshop.
    It is a completely LIVE Workshop conducted by Mr. Ummed Singh Dugar , Gold medallist Vastu Expert and Consultant with 35+ Years of experience.
  • Will it be recorded?
    No, the workshop wont be recorded. Attendees are expected to take notes while the workshop is happening.
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