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Vaastu Consultancy Services for 
Factories and Industries. 

35+ years of Experiance

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Every factory or industry owner wants the production of goods or throughput of the factory/industry should increase and they should not face challenges related to production, labor shortages, product quality, raw materials, and administration. 

Building a Factory or industry according to Vastu principles ensures fruitful operation of the business supply chain leading to increased production and revenue. 

We offer Vaastu Shastra Consultancy Services for any type of factory or industry ( small to very large ).

  • We aim to suggest as less as possible demolition to make your home Factory or Industry Vastu Compliant. 

  • We provide remedies to correct Vastu Faults avoiding unnecessary Demolition.  

While studying our client’s factory/industry,  we look for
(but not limited to) these aspects: 

  • Location of all types of machines ( heavy to light) 

  • Location and Direction of electrical and electronics equipment’s like A/C, generators etc.

  • Location and direction of tanks – Septic tanks, Overhead water tanks, underground water tanks etc.

  • Location and Direction of Billing Office, Corporates office, Accounting office, toilets etc.

  • How is the basement constructed – Location, direction, height, depth etc.

  • Staircases in factory - Location, direction, Thickness, color, height, width etc.

Building Planning

Why Choose Us? 


Wealth of knowledge accumulated in over 35 Years through experience and research of ancient vedic scriptures.


Served thousands of clients across the globe including big industrialist, movie stars, politicians. 


 Solutions &  remedies for Vastu defects based on scientific rationale along with learning/research from ancient Vedic scriptures which do not require demolition. 


Many of our clients are still connected to us for many years now validating the positive impact Vastu Shastra is having on their lives. 

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