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Vaastu Consultancy Services for 

35+ years of Experiance

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In modern life, if a residence does not provide mental peace then it’s useless.
A home is actually not made up of stones, bricks, cement and concrete but is made of human emotions and bonding.

If a house is made according to Vaastu principles, it can significantly decrease the negative energies from the house and emanate positive energy, ultimately creating a positive aura around the home. This positive aura helps the family members have a peaceful, healthy, and wealthy life.

To achieve this positive aura, it is very important that all major parts of your house like Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Study room, Pooja room, Basement, water tank, staircase, Color of the rooms etc. are built according to principles of Vastu Shastra. 


We offer Vaastu Shastra Consultancy Services for flats, Apartments, Townhouses, Condominiums, Duplexes, Mansions, Bungalows, Country houses, Villas, Penthouses, Terraced houses etc.

  • We provide both onsite and offsite Vastu consultancy. 

  • We aim to suggest as less as possible demolition to make your home Vastu Compliant. 

  • We provide remedies to correct Vastu Faults avoiding unnecessary Demolition.  

"Minor Changes can make major changes in your life." ​

Building Planning

Why Choose Us? 


Wealth of knowledge accumulated in over 35 Years through experience and research of ancient vedic scriptures.


Served thousands of clients across the globe including big industrialist, movie stars, politicians. 


 Solutions &  remedies for Vastu defects based on scientific rationale along with learning/research from ancient Vedic scriptures which do not require demolition. 


Many of our clients are still connected to us for many years now validating the positive impact Vastu Shastra is having on their lives. 

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